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H-Town has all the necessary licenses and permits to install, repair and maintain heating systems in Cypress, TX. As well as to perform unsafe work. This includes gas and electrical commissioning work. A set of works that allow the restoration of the correct and safe functioning of the boiler equipment. And also to eliminate possible mistakes and malfunctions in the heating equipment.

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We are most trusted. We are an experienced team of specialists who have been working in this field of service for a long time.

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100% Quality Guarantee for work and equipment. All our work is done in strict accordance with all technical norms, we write a guarantee after the completion of work.

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We provide services today. We start to work as soon as the deadline is set.

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Fair Cost Services. We pursue a flexible pricing policy. We have discounts for our regular customers and wholesalers.

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H-Town AC repair Air Conditioning & Heating Service Houston

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    The cost of Cypress HVAC services for the design and installation of air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems in Cypress, TX depends on the complexity of the project, the amount of work involved, transportation costs, and costs associated with the purchase of materials, equipment, and additional components.

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    Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff will walk through the service or air conditioning installations process with you

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    for any ac replacement. Know what you're going to pay before the home air conditioning installation starts

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    - Air conditioning replacement
    - Commercial HVAC installation
    - Residential and commercial HVAC - installation available 365 days a year

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    A s a Trane Comfort Specialistr committed to being the best in heating and cooling installation service, customer satisfaction and employee training.

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    H-Town AC repair Air Conditioning & Heating Service Houston

    LIC. #TACLB78001E

    (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations)

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    Our facility and air conditioning installers are drug and smoke free.


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    Heating installation in Cypress, TX begins with the development of project documentation. Designers take measurements of each room, calculate heat loss, the number of materials and supplies needed, and determine the type of radiators, etc., together with the customer. An estimate is made in which the cost of heating work is fixed. Approximate prices in Cypress, TX as well as examples of work, are on our website, but the final amount is determined individually.

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    At H-Town, we want to make sure that we and our clients are 100% satisfied with our work. We value your opinion, which you can leave on any of the popular review sites or social networks, and we also want you to read the reviews of those who have already used our services.

    HVAC Services Include

    The company performs the design and installation of air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems using the most advanced technologies. The work is carried out by skilled, experienced professionals who know their job clearly and carry out the project as accurately and quickly as possible.

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    Air Conditioning

    To create a pleasant coolness in the room in the summer heat, most often, an air conditioner is used. Nowadays, this effective equipment has such additional functions as heating, dehumidifying, and moisturizing the air in the room and many other things besides the main one. The installation of central air conditioning systems is similar in a private house and an apartment and consists of the installation of the indoor and outdoor units of the device. For proper operation, both elements should be at about the same height relative to the floor but with an allowable deviation of no more than 1.5 meters. The air conditioner is powered by an electric network, and the device is controlled by a special remote control.

    The principle of operation of the equipment in Cypress, TX consists in replacing the air from the room with the cooled air from the outside. It all takes place in the units connected by the spigots. The air is cooled by running it through a heat exchanger with freon.


    Cypress HVAC services TX will perform a full-service design of a complete and efficient HVAC system, allowing you to create an optimal environment for your employees, customers, and guests. With more than 10 years of experience, our engineers design sophisticated heating and air conditioning systems for shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and bars, as well as offices, office complexes, and industrial and industrial facilities.

    Heating as a living space is important not only in terms of comfort but also to maintain optimal conditions for the operation of building materials, maintenance of health, and others. The central heating system is a heat generator, from which pipes are diverted to the heat sources - radiator batteries. In Cypress, TX heat is supplied centrally, while in a private home, heating has to be designed individually.

    Indoor Air Quality

    To cool rooms in Cypress, TX with heat-generating or expensive electronic equipment, special air conditioning systems are designed to ensure uninterrupted operation over long periods with high accuracy of air quality. If necessary, air conditioning systems can provide humidity control, dehumidification, or humidification. Supply, exhaust, and recirculation air often require careful cleaning from harmful impurities and various types of contaminants, so as part of ventilation systems are widely used various types of cleaners.

    Depending on your objectives and needs, our design department in Cypress, TX will select the capacity of the HVAC system, heating units, and air conditioners and provide a ready-made solution for piping and proper installation of shut-off and control valves for the efficient and rational operation of indoor and outdoor utilities.

    HVAC Cypress Technicians

    Heating system installation in Cypress, TX is a complicated procedure that takes a lot of time and effort. If you don't have the knowledge or experience with such work, don't try to do it all yourself. You risk damaging components, supplies, and equipment. If the rules and technology of heating installation are not followed, the system will not be able to function properly. Leaks will regularly appear, the temperature inside the room will not be as it should be, and other problems will arise. It is best to entrust us with this work. Our employees will perform heating installation in Cypress, TX quickly and reliably.

    Equipment at no extra charge to our customers

    A job like a heating installation in Cypress, TX is priced on a case-by-case basis. The cost is influenced by the quality of materials and equipment, supplies, complexity, conditions, and volume. We always notify the client in advance how much our services in Cypress, TX will cost them. If there will be additional financial costs, this will be agreed upon with the customer. The price increase will not come as an unpleasant surprise to you.

    RHEEM 2 Ton 16 Seer Complete System (AHRI 7940573) RA1624AJ1N R801TA0503 RCF2414STA

    System includes One RA1624AJ1NA Rheem – Classic 2 Ton 16 SEER Condenser, 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hz Rheem Classic® RA16

    RHEEM 2.5 Ton 16 Seer complete system (AHRI 7940906) RA1630AJ1N R801TA0754 RCF3617STA

    System includes One RA1630AJ1NA Rheem – Classic 2 1/2 Ton 16 SEER Condenser, 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hz Rheem Classic®

    RHEEM 3 Ton 16 Seer complete system (AHRI 8638534) RA1436 R801TA RCF3621MTA

    System includes One RA1436WJ1NA Rheem – Classic 3 Ton 14 SEER Condenser, 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hz – Meets Southwest

    RHEEM 3.5 Ton 16 Seer complete system (AHRI 8080657) RA1642AJ1N R801TA0754 RCF4821STA

    System includes One RA1642AJ1NA Rheem – Classic 3 1/2 Ton 16 SEER Condenser, 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hz Rheem Classic®

    RHEEM 4 Ton 16 Seer complete system (AHRI 201323785) RA1648AJ/R801TA07 RCF4821S

    System Includes: 1-RA1648AJ1NA Rheem Classic® RA16 Series Air Conditioners Features: New composite base pan – dampens sound, captures louver panels,

    RHEEM 5 Ton 16 Seer complete system RA1660AJ1NA RH1T6024STANJA

    Features: New composite base pan – dampens sound, captures louver panels, eliminates corrosion and reduces number of fasteners needed Powder coat

    TRANE 2 Ton 16 Seer complete system

    Trane 2 Ton 16 SEER Trane XR16 Series 2 Ton 24000 BTU 4TWR6024H1000A unit is a 16 SEER outdoor split

    TRANE 2.5 Ton 16 Seer complete system

    Trane 2.5 Ton 16 SEER XR16 30000 BTU Split System Single Stage Heat Pump 4TWR6030H1000A Trane 2.5 Ton 16 SEER

    We are a trusted HVAC Company in Cypress

     It is not recommended to do the work yourself. We have experienced cases where residents have tried to upgrade the heating system in Cypress, TX on their own. The result was only ruined materials and equipment. It is better to trust the experts because without knowledge and tools, it is impossible to do everything correctly. Our employees will come to the object of customer, tell you how the system will function, and answer questions of interest. Our list of heating system installation jobs in Cypress, TX is quite extensive. We can replace a defective part of an existing heating system or arrange to heat your home from scratch.


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