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More often than not, air conditioners are bought to combat the summer heat. Appliance stores carry models that work only for cooling. But most models are equipped with two opposite functions: cooling and heating air. Such air conditioners can also be used as an additional source of heat. Such sophisticated air conditioning equipment needs a tune-up and good service.

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What does an AC tune-up include?

First of all, a tune-up is divided into two main stages: Instrumental and Individual. The first type of tune-up is usually made right after installation and performed by a professional technician.

We are most trusted. We work under an official contract. This contract is signed after our specialist has inspected the place of installation. The price for a tune-up air conditioning is calculated based on measurements and does not change in the process.


We are most trusted.

When you order AC service at H-Town AC Repair, you get quality work with a warranty. We provide free technical support to our customers. Our company's reputation speaks for itself.


100% Quality guarantee for work and equipment.

We use only certified consumables and guarantee connection services.


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The installation will be done at any time convenient for the customer. After installation, the master will carry out an evacuation of the climate system and test the operation of the equipment in different modes. The final stage is a briefing of the owner on the use of equipment.


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Our company offers professional air conditioning installation services in Houston TX, and other related services. Our specialists perform installation work in strict accordance with technological requirements and safety regulations.

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We provide everything in air conditioning in Houston TX: from seasonal tune-ups to emergency air conditioning repairs for complete, modern, energy-efficient ventilation and air conditioning systems. Turn to the professional and technical expertise of our technicians at air conditioning to make sure the job gets done right. You can have an air conditioning replacement repair or installation done at your convenience.

Other AC services

The first thing the doctor makes is diagnostics of air conditioning equipment - different breakdowns have the same symptoms. Only after that is determined a list of necessary measures. AC services of air conditioners in Houston can include such works:

  • Cleaning air conditioning exterior surfaces, outlet louvers, filters, grilles, heat exchangers, impeller, and refrigerant circuit.
  • Fixing Freon leakage.
  • AC tune up.
  • Filling, refilling, and topping up the air conditioner.
  • Disinfection with professional antibacterial agents.
  • Defrosting the outdoor unit.
  • Repair or replacement of separate components.

AC Repair

Repair of air conditioners in Houston is, first of all, diagnostics - detection of breakages and other malfunctions. This includes identifying problems in the refrigeration circuit and problems with electronics. Our service technicians will check your drain and filter systems for cleanliness, measure the current, inspect your control board, and check the availability of refrigerant and the tightness of your lines.

AC Replacement

If your air conditioner isn't blowing air, the problem could be the fan or fan motor. In a functioning air conditioner, the fan pulls air through the cold evaporator coils and then recirculates the air back into the room. In this case, an AC replacement must be performed.

AC Installation

Installation of air conditioning in an apartment or private home is best done in the initial stages of renovation. Our specialists will advise the best option for installation to reduce the cost of installation work and reduce further maintenance costs. Qualitative air conditioner installation is the guarantee of long and trouble-free work of the climatic equipment. Proper installation will help to avoid serious problems and additional costs in the future. Improperly installed, even the most expensive split system in Houston, TX will not work properly and will quickly reach the end of its working life.

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We are responsible for the quality of all service work provided in Houston, TX. From the moment you start working with us, you can forget about your air conditioning problems once and for all because we will take care of all the repair, maintenance, and air conditioning replacement work. Our handymen in Houston, TX, will regularly inspect your air conditioning equipment to keep it running steadily and without interruptions. You, on the other hand, will be doing what you bought it for: cooling the air and enjoying a comfortable indoor climate.

Professional Air Conditioning Tune-Up service in Houston

We only install air conditioning equipment that was purchased from our company. We have a wide range of well-known brands of air conditioners - Gree, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, TCL, Cooper&Hunter, Aux, Hoapp, and others

We are a trusted AC Company in Houston

Our specialists in AC tune-up will answer in detail all the questions that interest you, make recommendations on the correct choice of cassette conditioner to install in the room, and calculate the approximate cost of the tune-up.


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When you entrust us with air conditioning installation in Houston TX, you get quality services at an affordable price. We have all the necessary permits and certificates for the installation of climate control equipment, and our technicians have specialized training and regularly improve their qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

The general rule of thumb for when you need air conditioning tune-up once a year. However, if you have an older unit in your home, we recommend tune-up twice a year. The older the unit, the more love and care it needs so it can last you through the warm summer months.

If the air conditioner is used intensively, it is recommended that the filters be cleaned every 2 weeks. The frequency of filter cleaning largely depends on the cleanliness of the air in the room.

There are different ways of preventive maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners: from simple washing of filters in warm water to the use of special disinfectants. How the air conditioner is cleaned will determine the quality of the split system and the air conditioning.


RHEEM 2 Ton 16 Seer Complete System (AHRI 7940573) RA1624AJ1N R801TA0503 RCF2414STA

Original price was: $9,000.00.Current price is: $8,784.00.
System includes One RA1624AJ1NA Rheem – Classic 2 Ton 16 SEER Condenser, 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hz Rheem Classic® RA16

RHEEM 2.5 Ton 16 Seer complete system (AHRI 7940906) RA1630AJ1N R801TA0754 RCF3617STA

Original price was: $9,000.00.Current price is: $8,866.00.
System includes One RA1630AJ1NA Rheem – Classic 2 1/2 Ton 16 SEER Condenser, 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hz Rheem Classic®

RHEEM 3 Ton 16 Seer complete system (AHRI 8638534) RA1436 R801TA RCF3621MTA

Original price was: $9,100.00.Current price is: $9,029.00.
System includes One RA1436WJ1NA Rheem – Classic 3 Ton 14 SEER Condenser, 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hz – Meets Southwest

RHEEM 3.5 Ton 16 Seer complete system (AHRI 8080657) RA1642AJ1N R801TA0754 RCF4821STA

Original price was: $9,100.00.Current price is: $9,029.00.
System includes One RA1642AJ1NA Rheem – Classic 3 1/2 Ton 16 SEER Condenser, 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hz Rheem Classic®

RHEEM 4 Ton 16 Seer complete system (AHRI 201323785) RA1648AJ/R801TA07 RCF4821S

Original price was: $9,600.00.Current price is: $9,489.00.
System Includes: 1-RA1648AJ1NA Rheem Classic® RA16 Series Air Conditioners Features: New composite base pan – dampens sound, captures louver panels,

RHEEM 5 Ton 16 Seer complete system RA1660AJ1NA RH1T6024STANJA

Original price was: $9,600.00.Current price is: $9,489.00.
Features: New composite base pan – dampens sound, captures louver panels, eliminates corrosion and reduces number of fasteners needed Powder coat

TRANE 2 Ton 16 Seer complete system

Original price was: $9,600.00.Current price is: $9,029.00.
Trane 2 Ton 16 SEER Trane XR16 Series 2 Ton 24000 BTU 4TWR6024H1000A unit is a 16 SEER outdoor split

TRANE 2.5 Ton 16 Seer complete system

Original price was: $9,600.00.Current price is: $9,504.00.
Trane 2.5 Ton 16 SEER XR16 30000 BTU Split System Single Stage Heat Pump 4TWR6030H1000A Trane 2.5 Ton 16 SEER